Reflective INK


Project Scope:

Dark Horse Experiment presents the exciting new solo show Reflective INK from contemporary visual artist Radiance. This exhibition pushes the boundaries of new media by incorporating interactive projections; allowing the audience to be involved in the creation of the work.

Radiance explores the process of remediation to transform hand drawn illustrations into a new media installation using interactivity and projection mapping with digital encoding. It brings together a convergence of formats from print to moving image through an interdisciplinary approach to media production. The simple expression of mark­ making becomes enhanced by new media technology exploring the interplay between analogue and digital, the hand made and the computer generated.

The illustrations hold memories inside their patterns, with stories told about personal reflections and processing of experiences in their designs. These stories are not intended to be decoded by the viewer but are more an exploration on the way that we can share memories with one another. The stories, started in the patterns by the artist, are unfinished until the viewer weaves their own version of the ending through interactively generating new combinations of the patterns. In this way memories become living concepts as they weave stories into the present rather than being captives of the past.



Project Overview
Title: Reflective INK
Location: Dark Horse Experiment Gallery, Melbourne.
Project type: Installation
Client: Rose Staff

Technical Overview
Duration: 1 week exhibition
Equipment: 1 x NEC NP1200 Video Projector; 2 x NEC NP40100
Content Creation / Video projections: Radiance

Art Direction: Rose Staff
Technical instalment: Projection Teknik
Photography and Video documentation: Kane Alexander & Rose staff