Richmond Town Hall

Project Scope

Local artist Nick Azidis has been Commissioned by the City of Yarra to transform the historic building into a beacon of Christmas cheer. The Richmond town hall was draped in projections and designs celebrating Christmas and the holiday break, that all cultures would appreciate, creating a series of celebratory designs that reflected the City of Yarra’s vibrancy, as Council puts a creative spin on the usual street Christmas decorations.. The façade of the Richmond Town Hall (333 Bridge Road) was light up over 12 consecutive nights from 13 December.

Project Overview
Title: 12 Nights of Christmas Projections
Location: Richmond Town Hall, Bridge Road Richmond
Project Type: Façade Projections
Commissioned by: City of Yarry
Technical Overview
Duration: 12 show days in December 2011
Equipment: 2 x 4kW PANI Projectors fitted with AMD 15 Slide changers and grey-scale shutters, with CueServer controlled automation
Content Creation: Nick Azidis

Art Direction: City of Yarra and Nick Azidis
Technical instalment: Projectionteknik
Photography: Bernie Phelan & Nick Azidis