TVC Passions

The University of Canberra ‘Passions’ TVC

Project Scope

Universities are all competing internationally to attract potential students and so this TVC for University of Canberra aimed to compete at that global level. The approach was to give this TVC gravitas by combining beautifully textural visuals, a raw

and moving music track and sparse but beautiful sound design along with warm and natural ‘performances’ from the cast both big and small. The projections were displayed as movies rather than stills. Movies created scenes a lot more with a visual interest, as well as emotion.

The locations were solely responsible for giving this film its scale. In keeping with the global approach the locations looked like they could be in any number of international cities. The locations had a mix of surfaces, both in texture and size.

The visual style was boldly cinematic. Along with the visually arresting locations, the frame composition was unexpected as well – contrasting glorious wide shots with extreme close ups of their eye’s as they flicker along with the projections. Tighter cutaways of the wall showing textured details within the home movie complemented by intimate shallow depth-of-field portraits that build the emotion of the story.

Shooting on an Arri Alexa with anamorphic lenses added to the cinematic feel. The lenses have a wonderful almost film-like quality to them when shooting with a shallow depth-of-field, and any light flares from the projector were be mesmerising.


Project Overview
Title: University Of Canberra – TVC
Location: Melbourne CBD, outdoor location shoots
Project Type: Advertising
Client: Mr Smith – OMG Creative – University Of Canberra
Technical Overview
Equipment: 1 x BARCO 18,000 lumens WUXGA, 3-chip DLP projector
Content Creation: Mr Smith – OMG Creative
Duration: 30 sec TVC

Art Direction: OMG Creative – Peter Murphy
Production Co: Mr Smith
Director: Craig MacLean
Producer: Helene Nicol
Technical instalment: Projection teknik
Photography: Nick Azidis