Project Scope

Oakleigh MP, Steve Dimopoulos, officially launched WinterFest in 2015. The launch was marked with an amazing light show, created by Master’s student Kit Webster. The light show continued every night for a week.


Project Overview
Title: WinterFest
Location: Monash University, Clayton, Robert Menzies Building
Project Type: Installation
Client: Monash University, Clayton campus and Monash University Museum of Art
Technical Overview
Equipment: 3 x 6kW PANI Projectors – 4 X Barco 26k L Vedio projectors
Content Creation: Kit Webster and Oliver Ellmers
Duration: 50 min loop

Art Direction: Kit Webster
Monash University Museum of Art: Alicia Renew
Monash University: Nicholas Stewart
Technical instalment: Projection Teknik
Photography: Brett Harrison
Video documentation: Kit Webster